Selection procedure for the Civil Service

Uczestnicy egzaminu piszą test.

Thanks to the selection procedure for the Civil Service, run by KSAP, the best participants have a chance to be appointed civil servants, this ensuring the further development of professional careers in state ad­ministration.

Civil Service in Poland

In order to ensure professional, reliable, impartial and politically neutral execution of objectives of the State, the Civil Service is hereby being established, and the rules of admission thereto, principles of its organisation, functioning and development are being defined (Article 1 of the Act of 21 November 2008 on Civil Service). The role of the civil service is to guarantee that the State administration is efficient regardless of the political situation and changing governments. This can be ensured by appropriate staff composed of competent and professional officials, who fulfil their duties reliably and impartially.

Building a modern state, increasing the efficiency of its bodies and, most importantly, the satisfaction of the society are the most important goals that members of the civil service corps should pursue.

Every citizen can join the civil service corps. In order to ensure high quality of staff, all candidates have to undergo a recruitment procedure, aimed at selecting the best candidates — professionals and experts in their fields, with predisposition to work in public administration, reliable, loyal to the state and citizen friendly.

Members of the civil service corps should constantly improve their skills so as to meet the new challenges and adapt to changing environment.

The civil service should also contribute to creating of a positive image of a public administration official. The recruitment procedure is to select candidates with certain attributes, knowledge and skills, which increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the civil service corps.

Being a member of the civil service is matter of prestige and honour. The legal and financial status of civil service corps member should guarantee his or her impartiality, reliability and legality.

Source: Civil Service Department, Chancellery of the Prime Minister