Seat of KSAP

Archiwalne zdjęcie budynku KSAP

KSAP's Modernist-style building was designed in 1926 by one of the great­est Polish architects in the inter-war days, Professor Romuald Gutt.

The building was raised in stages in the years 1926–1932. It was initially of three-storeys, with an additional storey added in the years 1949–1950.

In the inter-war days this was the seat of the elite School of Political Science, which was later transformed into the Academy of Political Science in April 1939. After 1945, the Academy was recreated and nationalized, initially operating under the same name and providing education, among others, to journalists. In the years 1950–1961, it operated as the Main School of Foreign Services under the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Subsequently, the building was used by various institutions, including the Centre and Institute of Development for State Administration Person­nel, and the Institute of Administration and Management.

The building currently houses lecture rooms, a library with a study room, a conference room, an IT centre as well as a clubhouse and a cafeteria.

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